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Deep Dive: How Visibility, Flexibility & Transparency Can Help Control the Complexities of Global Fleet Management

May 27
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM || -

Rob Hill

Sebastian Fruth
ARI Germany

Peter Nogalo
Holman Enterprises

Doing global fleet right isn’t easy. Operating different assets in different regions with different customs and regulations is inherently complex, made even more so by current challenges. And while it may never be easy, there are some key strategies to help provide visibility and control over global fleet operations.

This panel will unpack the current state of the industry in key global markets and share strategies that provide transparency at a global level, while being flexible enough to respond to regional requirements. Hear what other fleet professionals are asking as well as industry and mega trends impacting complex fleets in key global markets such as Europe, the UK, North America, LATAM, and Asia.