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Marc Odinius

Marc Odinius

CEO/Owner | Dataforce GmbH

Marc A. Odinius is the CEO/Owner of Dataforce GmbH – an automotive market research agency headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Founded in 1997, Dataforce has paved its way for success by first cooperating with the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) before expanding it sources into further markets to become one of the leading international data providers. As one of the founding team members and now as CEO, Mr. Odinius is leading Dataforce to fulfil its mission – improving automotive market transparency. As a visionary, he has pioneered in fleet analysis, designing data products that have revolutionised automotive market research. He has been responsible for national and international business development, played an active role in product development and now as CEO/Owner will continue to drive forward the future of the Dataforce business. Mr. Odinius is a renowned expert who actively supports automotive market players in strategic decision-making. Marc A. Odinius graduated with a master’s degree with honours in cultural studies from Lüneburg University.


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